Group Sessions

What are micro expressions?

Micro expressions are minor, unintentional facial expressions, taking place in situations where an individual is trying to hide or suppress an emotion.

Micro expressions can easily be missed. Most people don't notice them at all - not because they can't, but because they just don't know what to look for.

Why is it so important?

Even though they last for less than one second, micro expressions are key in lie detection and are crucial to your professional success, whether in Sales, Marketing, Negotiations, Customer Service, Recruitment, Presentations or even Managing a team.

Micro expressions tell you what or how someone feels, without them saying a single word.

Who is this session for?

This session is ideal for small teams and professionals, such as salespersons, managers, marketing professionals, HR officers, customer service professionals, students and other individuals who want to have a better understanding of what people’s facial expressions mean and what these people really feel and think.

What does this session include?

During our sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence, by detecting and understanding Facial Expressions and Body Language

  • Improve your selling skills, since those who understand and read Micro Expressions tend to close more sales and have more resales / referrals

  • Understand the situation, prior to the outcome

  • Recognize, understand and decipher the 7 common universal emotions

  • Learn how to detect lies, by using body language signals

What are the benefits of attending group sessions?

As part of a group, you have the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people and network

  • Take part in practical "real life" sessions and assignments

  • Keep yourself motivated

  • Get a special discount on other IdealCoaching seminars, workshops or 1-1 sessions

Group session details

  • Group size: 4-8 individuals

  • Location: IdealCoaching offices

  • Number of sessions: 5 weekly sessions

  • Session duration: 1.5 hrs

  • Investment: €45 per session (payment made prior to session)

  • Discounted price if all sessions are paid upfront: €200 from €225

  • Assessment method: Assignment (Session 5)

  • IdealCoaching certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the assignment

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